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Success with Slime
Success with Slime
Posted: February 13


Savvy, successful and slimy. Trafalgar Castle Grade 10 student Alyssa J. has turned a creative interest into an avid online following and business with slime.

Alyssa first started making slime last August. She enjoyed the creativity slime presents. She made recipes that altered the texture and elasticity, she then added colours, sparkles, and scents. Soon, she found herself home to an abundance of homemade slime. She shares, “I really love making slime and in order to keep making slime I needed to buy the ingredients and so I thought, the more slime I sell, the more slime I can make.”

So began Alyssa’s online venture with where people can purchase various types of slime online in 4 oz. or 8 oz. packages. Since her Etsy Shop opened on October 26, 2016 she has made 407 sales and has achieved a 4.5 star approval rating among her buyers. She also created an Instagram page for her slime and began posting videos. The slime quickly gained online popularity and, as of December 2016, Alyssa had 100,000 followers on Instagram.

“Customer service has been the most difficult aspect,” she says. “You have to answer the customers the best you can and as always, be nice.” However, it isn’t just customer service Alyssa has to worry about, she also has to stay organized in order to keep creating the slime, continue posting videos for her Instagram following, and orchestrate packaging and shipment of the product to buyers. “My mom helps with shipping during the day,” Alyssa admits.

When she’s not making slime, Alyssa is a part of Trafalgar Castle School’s Robotics Team that meets Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays after school for three hours, as well as all day Saturday. Alyssa has also presented to the Grade 12 business class to share her entrepreneurial endeavour with slime.

As of today Alyssa’s Instagram has grown to 305,000 followers. Though she isn’t sure exactly what the future holds, one thing is for sure, her creative outlook and entrepreneurial spirit is something to look out for and be inspired by.


Trafalgar to host first CIS Student Visual Arts Festival
Trafalgar to host first CIS Student Visual Arts Festival
Posted: February 9


Trafalgar Castle School is excited to host the first Conference of Independent Schools (CIS) Ontario Student Visual Arts Festival in partnership with Station Gallery on Friday, April 21st. The one-day festival is open to Grade 10-12 CIS Visual Arts students and will provide them with the opportunity to connect with one another and showcase their work.

As our nation prepares for a year of 150th celebrations, the theme of the festival will focus on Canadian identity and what it means to be part of Canadian culture in 2017. Through studio workshops, artist talks, and a collaborative art-making experience students will focus on how this theme ties into artists’ development and their personal journey.

Students will be inspired by the work of contemporary Canadian artists specializing in the areas of drawing, painting, photography, bookwork, printmaking, and soundscape installation. For more information about the workshops and artists, please visit the website designed by Trafalgar Castle School’s Grade 11 student, Jessica W. HERE .

The festival starts at 8 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. Registration is $50 per student, with a maximum of 10 students per school (should additional spots open up, schools will be contacted closer to the festival date). Register online today to reserve your spot! Space is limited. Lunch, refreshments, and shuttle bus included. Register HERE .

Be ready to explore your Canadian identity and personal journey. Questions? Email our faculty coordinators.   


Cracking the Code
Cracking the Code
Posted: February 1


Coding can be defined as the process of assigning a code to something for the purpose of identification. Coding for many is difficult to understand, but for Grade 11 student Madison B., coding has opened her to a future of new and exciting possibilities.

Madison believes that having the ability to code puts her in an advantageous position in all aspects of learning. “I think it’s beneficial to everyone to know how a computer works. Working with computers is something that will happen regardless of your field,” she shares. However, coding was not something that Madison always had an interest in; it wasn’t until Grade 9 when performing calculations over winter break that she realized coding was something she wanted to learn more about.

Eager to discover more, Madison completed courses outside of her Trafalgar workload and also attended a summer camp to enhance her knowledge of coding. As Madison shares her passion she explains, “Coding can be used for pretty much everything,” and she is right. As technology continues to rapidly develop so does the need for expert coders to create the computer software, apps, and websites needed to support the expanding field. Despite technological growth, females remain hesitant to pursue an education in the male-dominated field. A report shows women account for fewer than 20% of students in Canadian computer science and engineering programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Madison is doing her part in hopes of changing young girls’ perception of coding and inspiring female youth to learn more about the field. She teaches Python ( an interactive and powerful object-oriented programming language) two to three times a year at Trafalgar’s Science, Math, and Technology Club. Madison is also a vital member of Trafalgar Castle’s First Robotics, Team 1547 “Where’s Waldo?” In addition, Madison tutors several Grade 9 students on the basics of coding and advises Grade 12 students applying to computer science programs when she can.

February 24

An evening of drama
An evening of drama
February 24


Lights, camera, action! Join us for an evening of drama

We invite you to join us for an evening of drama at Trafalgar Castle School on Friday, February 24 at 7 p.m.

Our actors and crew have been working hard on two wonderful one-act plays: Oh, What a Tangled Web and Mustardseed*. Both performances are sure to wow!

Oh, What a Tangled Web explores the hilarious implications that can ensue when we try to deceive. The second one-act play of the evening, Mustardseed follows the high school journey backstage comedy of a teenage group of fairies cast in a current production of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Tickets are available online by clicking here.  Reserved seating for the first two rows in the concert hall are $20 and general admission tickets are available for $10.

You are able to blue bill the cost or pay cash at the door on the night of the performances.

We hope to see you there!

*Mustardseed includes adult language.

March 10

March Break
March Break
March 10 - March 27


The school office remains open during March Break. 

Classes resume on March 28th.

March 31

Parents' Guild Coffee House
Parents' Guild Coffee House
March 31


Parents' Guild Coffee House

Parents & Guardians please join us for a coffee in the Common Room. 

7:30 to 9:00 a.m.

Hope to see you there!