At The Castle, girls discover knowledge and work together in a spirit of empathy and sisterhood, preparing them to solve problems in a complex, changing world.


To provide world-best curricula led by teachers of distinction in the arts, sciences, and humanities.

Trafalgar Castle is a place like no other - one that cultivates skills, ignites curiosity and brings your daughter into her own, whether she is an artist, an athlete, an intellectual, or a little of each. Capable and confident, our graduates are exceptional young women who know without question - their possibilities are endless.

Located in the heart of Whitby, Trafalgar Castle School is a small close-knit, all-girls day and boarding school for grades 5-12.

Small schools have a way of producing big results; small girls’ schools compound that advantage and then some. We are passionate about knowing each and every student and from this bedrock premise build a foundation that opens up every possible university option.

With over 140 years of education expertise, Trafalgar Castle School excels in educating young women for success in university and beyond. Selected from world-best curriculum, our internationally acclaimed programmes provide an enriching learning environment for our students. Our world-best curriculum includes Little Red Schoolhouse - University of Chicago Writing Program, Latin, Robotics, London, Music, Singapore Math and Science. In addition the I3 (pronounced I-Cubed) Initiative is transforming the way that Trafalgar students learn by creating a context for the application and exploration of knowledge in real-world settings. Building on the rigour and diversity of the School’s world-best curricula, students are guided to ask “wicked questions” and attempt to answer them through experiences beyond the Castle walls. The program strives to help students make meaningful connections between their courses and the wider world and increase their confidence, capacity and adaptability.

Our classrooms are just the beginning. At Trafalgar, we offer a full life outside of the classroom, knowing that, for girls, taking risks and trying new things builds resilience and self-esteem—those key characteristics that will carry them through the toughest times. Whether it’s Athletics, the Arts, Community Outreach or Peer Support, we have something to offer you at the Castle. These programmes are fundamentals and the outcome is extraordinary.

Our boarders at Trafalgar Castle School come from many different countries. There are also many Canadian boarders who reside within the Durham Region. The diversity in our boarding population creates an opportunity for all the students to learn about other cultures.

Education has never been more prized than it is today. We invite you to learn more about our school and a singular 140 year old tradition that has contributed so much to generations of young women in the Durham Region.

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