Trafalgar’s Commitment to "Active Citizenship"

Nelson Mandela once said, “Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation. Let your greatness blossom.”  Now more than ever it is this generation of young women who need to be globally aware, to develop a social conscious and most of all, need to be engaged, proactive and responsible citizens. With this in mind, Trafalgar is building an Active Citizenship Team!  Our mission is to instill the confidence in our young women in order to build their own capacity and intrinsic motivation to be ‘agents of positive change’.

Girls from Grade 5 to 12 are rising to the challenge by volunteering their time outside of school and creating awareness at school.  From YPI----- to local food banks----to Me to We----while also becoming more aware of issues in their own community.

Although community service is now a prerequisite for graduation in the province of Ontario, Trafalgar students have been giving freely and willingly of their time and energy for many years. In 1878 the girls at Ontario Ladies’ College regularly helped in the soup kitchens. Today, Community Outreach is part of our School's overall Strategic Plan. The objective is to inspire our students to develop social consciousness and inclusiveness, to become engaged and responsible world citizens.

Community Outreach is a theme that is very evident among the students. They participate willingly and in combination with a full academic load and enthusiastic participation in sports and club activities at the school. One of the aspects of Trafalgar Castle School’s mission is to develop in our students the skills required for leadership in a contemporary global society. We believe that a strong sense of commitment to one’s community, both local and global, is an important dimension of a young person’s education and we are delighted at the enthusiasm that our students demonstrate in fulfilling their service to their communities.

Active citizenship affects many aspects of a Trafalgar girls’ experience. It offers a new perspective on how our girls think and, most importantly, is a stepping stone for students to become involved and continue contributing to the betterment of our society.