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One of the key elements of the School's Strategic Plan is to continue to evolve our leadership in the integration of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in curricular and co-curricular programs as well as in the School at large. We are continuously exploring and monitoring technological advances for new and promising applications and integrating new applications seamlessly into the curriculum and all aspects of school life.

The ICT component of our Strategic Plan has the full support of our school community – teachers, students, parents and Board members. The School administration provides leadership for innovation by spearheading ICT initiatives in the school through strategic planning and support for the implementation of initiatives.

Our students utilize ICT skills through a variety of activities explicitly written into our school curriculum and designed to deliver appropriate portions of the Provincial Curriculum in all subject areas.

At Trafalgar, we embrace the use of ICT in our curriculum and classrooms and dedicate 15% to 25% of course time to its integration. This curricular commitment is made possible by having our teachers and students equipped with laptop computers. Our purpose is to provide our students with the ICT resources to be used as tools in the development of research, communication, analysis and problem-solving skills and to equip our students with the skills necessary to compete in today’s environment.

Our parents report that their daughters grow into confident, technologically competent students who tend to extend their limits and become independent and assertive in their learning. During this process, they display a tremendous enthusiasm and love of learning.

Information Technology Introduction & Order Details

For information regarding curriculum, please contact Mr. Tim. Southwell, Vice-Principal of Academics. For information regarding technology, please contact Mr. Andrew Price, Information Systems Administrator.

Information Technology Information Technology is an integral component of the learning environment at Trafalgar Castle School. This integration is guided by three main objectives: to have students develop a high level of competency with information technology, to have students develop 21st century learning skills through the use of technology and to use information technology to support and enhance the delivery of curriculum.

Grade 5
Students entering Grade 5 have paid a technology fee as part of their tuition. Included in that fee, the school provides each student with a computer that will typically stay at the school at the end of each day. At appropriate times, students may take the computers home, but it is not the general rule. The implementation of the computer is at the discretion of the Grade 5 teachers, with the overall goal that the technology will be integrated in a manner that best suits the overall learning needs of the students.

Grade 6 - 12
All students are required to have one of the Mac laptop options from the Trafalgar Castle School Apple on Campus online store. The implementation of the computer is at the discretion of the teachers, with the overall goal that the technology will be integrated in a manner that best suits the overall learning needs of the students

Technical Support and Service
Trafalgar Castle School has a full-time Help Desk Analyst on-site who provides support for participants in the school’s Information Technology program. The majority of technical issues can be resolved in-house. Where it is necessary to send machines out for service, we endeavour to achieve a four business day turn-around. Trafalgar Castle School has a loaner pool for use by students if their machines are sent out for service. These services are only available for authorized Information Technology devices.

Where Do We Go From Here?
You will purchase your computer bundle through Trafalgar Castle School’s Apple on Campus K-12 (AOC) online store. For more information, and to access the Apple on Campus store, please visit: http://www.trafalgarcastle.ca/laptops

We will host “Out of the Box” events on Registration Day in September when the laptops will be distributed to students. During the first weeks of school, all students new to the Laptop Program will be given orientation sessions with their laptops, including instruction on utilizing Information Technology resources at school and at home. Returning students will also be updated on any network changes.

Trafalgar Castle School Apple on Campus Store


Apple On Campus Store Purchase Terms and Conditions:

  • You agree to have your Apple order shipped to Trafalgar Castle School so that the curriculum software can be installed prior to delivery. Please ensure that the student's name is included when completing the shipping details.

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The following is a set of responsibilities that govern the appropriate use of technology at Trafalgar Castle School. It is the attempt of these policies to detail the general expectation that all students of the Trafalgar Castle School community use their computers and the network in a safe, responsible, respectful, considerate, and appropriate manner.

File Description Date Uploaded
Student Handbook 2016 - 2017  ·  pdf/472kB 8/30/2016
Responsible Use Policy 2016 2017  ·  pdf/438kB 7/20/2016
Late Assignment Completion Contract  ·  pdf/28kB PDF 7/17/2014