Student Leadership at Trafalgar

For some, the desire to lead is innate and for others it is discovered; however, the skill of how to lead is learned. At Trafalgar Castle School student leadership is fostered within a rigorous academic program, through an extensive co-curricular program, and beyond the Castle walls into the community in an effort to promote self-efficacy and opportunities to develop as individuals.  Leadership is more than just a title; it is a mindset. As a student leader, she is a role model and mentor for her peers because her values, ideas, words and actions manifest in all aspects of her life.  As well as being open-minded, courageous and empathetic, student leaders demonstrate effective influence across the school community through measurable action.


To inspire others through a positive attitude, taking pride in setting an example and living the core values of Trafalgar.

To demonstrate active citizenship by taking authentic action on her learning with the intrinsic desire to inform, motivate, advocate and affect positive change on a personal, local and global scale.

To actively listen, think critically, reflect thoughtfully and share respectfully her own learning, ideas, opinions and beliefs with others.

To question norms and information in an effort to reach goals that balance tradition with innovation and to motivate others to strive for their own excellence.

To be inclusive by understanding others’ needs, sharing responsibility, developing a culture of collaboration and empowering others by building individual capacity.