1) Register:

Enter your email address and click "Login/Create Account".

Fill in the required fields and register.

Click on "Add Student".

For each child, enter their student ID, their security value, and click "Add" (this information was provided in the report mailing). Once all your children are listed at the top, click "Done".

Your daughter’s five digit student ID number and three letter security value are found at the bottom of her report card or on the instructions that were sent home with the student.

SAMPLE: Smith, Sarah-Jane - 23456 (XYZ)

If you've previously registered, all you need to do is enter your email and password. The system will know about your appointments and the children you added to your account.

2) Scheduling:

Each coloured square represents an available meeting time. The legend shows you what teacher corresponds to what colour, and the times increase as you go down the page.

Click on a square to book that time.

After you have set when you want the reminder email to be delivered, click  

"Create Appointment".

3) At any time you can click on "print schedule" and print the resulting web page to get a hard copy of your schedule.

By logging in with your email and password, you can make changes to your schedule up to 24 hours prior to an appointment.

If you have more than one appointment, they will be hidden. Click on the blue circle to the left of your name at the top of the screen to show your appointments.

There will be links to modify the time, or cancel the appointment.