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Student Clubs and Activities


Empowering Young Women To
Pursue Life With A Passion

When a girl immerses herself in an activity that peaks her interest and stimulates her imagination, she adds depth to her voice. Trafalgar Castle School’s diverse student clubs and activities, many of which were created in consultation with our students, help girls discover who they are and how they intend to engage with the world.

Our clubs and activities emphasize empowerment by enabling students to shape the focus of a group and define its objectives. These low-risk, high-value opportunities reinforce for our students that being engaged, speaking up, having influence and pursuing passions lead to meaningful lives.

One of the most adaptable areas of our program, student interest ensures that our offerings are relevant, responsive and enthusiastically embraced. In encouraging our girls to respond to the changing context of the world beyond our walls, we ensure that a vibrant experience is available to all.

Here is a brief look at some of the student clubs and activities:

  • Active Citizenship Team (ACT) – Learning to ACT, students become agents of positive change by creating social awareness and volunteering in the community
  • Archery Club – Developing the precision, mental acuity and poise to hit a target with a bow and arrow
  • Art with Heart – Exploring creativity and skill in different art mediums, students can extend their passion beyond the classroom
  • Band  – Choose from a variety of traditional band and various ensembles including flute, clarinet and Chinese traditional orchestra
  • Choir  – Castle Singers and Chamber choir offers student the opportunity to explore their vocal range and perform at various school and community events
  • Debate Team – Developing the skills of argumentation through friendly competitive debates at Trafalgar and other independent schools
  • Drama production  – Students of all abilities develop their skills on and off stage as they work together on the annual drama production as actors, stage crew, costume, lighting and all facets of theatrical production
  • House Plays – Tying into our House System and dating back to the early 1950s, each House puts on a one-act play judged by outside adjudicators in a variety of categories
  • FIRST LEGO Robotics – Examining real world problems and completing themed missions using LEGO Mindstorm robots in a competitive playing field
  • Gardening Club – Cultivating a green thumb and beautifying the campus in gardens scattered around our sprawling grounds
  • MATE – Designing and building underwater robots to compete in Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) tournaments.
  • Math Club – Working on problems and equations, the Math Club builds skills to represent Trafalgar at the Canadian Team Math Contest held at the University of Waterloo
  • Language Club – Expanding language development in Latin, Mandarin and French
  • Outdoor Activities Club – Exploring the outdoors in a series of fun and challenging activities
  • Reading Team – Immersing in stories for the love of reading and the fun of challenging other schools in competitions
  • SMAT (Science, Math and Technology Club) – Investigating the principles of science, math and technology through interactive activities
  • Student Councils (Middle and Senior) – Having a voice in school life and developing leadership competencies
  • Sustainability Club – Advancing eco-friendly practices and sustainable approaches to living and working
  • Yearbook – Contributing to the annual record of the student body’s activities, interests and accomplishments

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