The thread of sisterhood is woven tightly into the fabric of Trafalgar Castle School and this is nurtured daily.   Being in an all-girl environment allows students to just be themselves.  But that’s just the beginning. At Trafalgar, we do much more to support and encourage students to achieve excellence in all aspects of the rich programming offered.  Beyond the academic programs, there is an extensive co-curricular life for the girls. At Trafalgar, we offer a full life outside of the classroom, knowing that, for girls, taking risks and trying new things builds resilience and self-esteem—those key characteristics that will carry them through the toughest times. Whether it’s Athletics, the Arts, active Citizenship or Peer Mentoring, we have something to offer every girl at the Castle. One new dad reports, “Within weeks of coming to Trafalgar Castle School my daughter started taking risks and joining teams she had never tried before”.  That’s exactly what we want to encourage!


As part of community building, faculty and students alike are all divided into four houses. These are led by Co-captains who are members of our Grade 11 leadership group entitled Trafalgar Activities & Spirit Committee (formerly known as TAA). This house system fosters the close-knit, family atmosphere that is so dearly valued at Trafalgar. There are many spirited competitions throughout the year between Houses where everyone participates. This friendly competition culminates in the award of the Trafalgar Cup on Trafalgar Day in June.


Trafalgar is rich in traditions, and one of the best is our whole school camp in Minden, Ontario.  For 3 days and 2 nights, the girls engage in enjoyable activities and challenges fostering camaraderie and confidence-building. New students begin to feel they are a part of something special. Returning students meet new friends and are re-acquainted with old ones. Everyone participates in water sports, House air band competition and campfire sing-a-longs. Camp kick starts our enthusiasm and energy for each year.


Back at Trafalgar Castle, students in Grades 5 through 8 are paired with an older student who becomes their mentor. This mentoring system provides a supportive ‘Big Sister’ for each ‘Little Sister’ to count on, right from day one. By promoting relationships between older students and younger students, day students and boarding students, friendships have no boundaries and the bonds of ‘sisterhood’ are formed.