Ontario Ladies’ College and Trafalgar Castle School was established in 1874 and while so much has changed since we first opened our doors as Ontario Ladies’ College, we remain steadfast in our traditions and true to our founding mission of educating and challenging young women bound for higher education to achieve excellence in all aspects of life.

Castle Charity Bazaar

This event dates back to the early 1900’s and has remained an integral part of the Trafalgar Castle Community’s traditions. Every fall, the event is organized by our Student Community Service Co-ordinators and Community Outreach Director in partnership with the student population, alumnae, parents, faculty and staff.

The Castle Bazaar is held to raise funds for local, national and international charities. Last year’s bazaar was an overwhelming success, raising over $15,000. In the past the Bazaar has supported countless charities including Child Find Ontario, World Vision, Free the Children, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Denise House, The Simcoe Hall Settlement House, Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre, MADD, Habitat for Humanity International, Cornerstone Community Association and Parkinsons Durham.

Every dollar raised is directed to charity.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner at the Castle is a treasured tradition where students, parents and staff all gather in harmony to celebrate the holiday season. It is predicted that Christmas Dinner dates back to the late 1800's in commemoration of the end of the examination period and the beginning of the Christmas holiday. 

The Castle's ornate structure is enhanced on this festive evening with beautiful sparkling Christmas decor and the joyous sound of Christmas carols echoing through the halls. 

In earlier years, students would dress in page costumes by candlelight and sing the "Boar's Head Carol", followed by a special processional during which the boar's head, all roasted and brown, was carried in on a platter while everyone sang...thankfully this part of Christmas Dinner is no longer celebrated today!  

May Court Festival

Our May Court Festival has been celebrated since 1907, bringing our school community and neighbours together to celebrate the crowning of the May Queen and her Court. The May Queen and her Counsellors are elected as the students who best exemplify our school motto, Veritas, Virtus, Venustas - Truth, Virtue, Loveliness.

From the more formal proceedings of the May Court to the fun festival to follow, each student is involved in making this day special.

Guests are immersed in the wonderful diversity of our community with our widely varied cultural dances and our celebrated international cuisine, specially made by our students.

It is a day of celebration to welcome spring and to rejoice in our multiculturalism.

Trafalgar Day

Trafalgar Day represents the highest regard for academics and school life at Trafalgar Castle School. First introduced in 1874 by Ontario Ladies' College's first Principal, Dr. Hare, Trafalgar Day honours our graduating class, recognizing their outstanding achievements and exceptional contributions to school life throughout their stay.

Until 1991, Trafalgar Day was known as Commencement and was held on a Friday evening, early September. Aware that many of our graduates go on to universities all across the country and abroad, Commencement was changed to Trafalgar Day and is now held at the end of each School year, marking the official last day of the school year.

Graduating students are all linked together by a daisy chain. As each student reaches the stage, the daisy chain is cut to symbolize the start of the next chapter in her educational journey.