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January 02, 2019

A Year of Ordinary Greatness

Fostering Community

I don’t know if 2018 was truly the Year of the Woman as many are calling it, but it was definitely the year that saw a lot of people talking about women’s issues, thanks in part to a plethora of jaw dropping moments brought to us by President Trump, a perplexing U.S. judicial system, and a morally wayward entertainment industry. (Note to reader:  Never have I so openly embraced the stereotypical notion that Canadians are just a wee bit boring, nor appreciated so dearly our understated and well-mannered process for appointing justices to our Supreme Court.)

There were definitely too many low moments for women in 2018 – the Harvey Weinstein scandal that resulted in a tsunami of #MeToo revelations across numerous industries, the Brett Kavanaugh nomination hearings that broadcast for all the world to see (literally and figuratively) why sexual assault victims often don’t come forward, and the sickening revelation that Dr. Larry Nassar of USA Gymnastics was allowed to abuse hundreds of young girls for more than 25 years because those in charge refused to believe his victims, some of whom spoke up as early as 1997.  These were stark reminders that the fight for equality is far from over.

If something good came out of such tragedies, it was perhaps the fact that issues long swept under the carpet became topics of conversation not only on weekly talk shows, but at board room and kitchen tables all across North America and beyond.  Fathers, brothers, husbands, uncles – many thoughtful and caring men took the time to ask about the lived experience of their daughters, wives, sisters, friends and colleagues, often hearing firsthand, and some for the first time, the banality of everyday microaggressions that women have long endured. 

Fortunately, it wasn’t all bad news in 2018.  There were incredible moments that celebrated remarkable women, including:

These are just a handful of women.  I highlight them because their stories spoke to me at some point during this past year.  They are but a few in a long list of women across Canada and around the world who did great things in 2018.  Some received media attention and public accolades for their work but most did not. 

Most women I know demonstrated their greatness this year in very ordinary but important ways – volunteering in their community, striving to bring meaning to the work they do in the workplace or at home, giving of their time to causes that are important to them, mentoring younger women, supporting and being supported by friends, and trying (only sometimes successfully) to model self-care while tirelessly caring for others.  It is to these women that I say thank you for bringing meaning to 2018.  Happy New Year, and may your everyday greatness continue to shine throughout 2019 as you deliver yet another 365 days of remarkably ordinary yet ever-so-important achievements.

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