The academic program at Trafalgar Castle School allows each girl to discover her potential and find her unique path. Our emphasis on authentic learning and real-world problems encourages risk-taking and experimental thinking. The last thing any girl needs is the pressure of perfection. We want our students to make interesting mistakes: that’s how innovation and new solutions come to light. That’s also how resilience, compassion and confidence develop.

Internationally-Acclaimed Academics Program

To help her succeed, our academic program is grounded in educational research about learning and achievement. Our internationally-acclaimed curriculum in math, science, English, music and languages cultivates curiosity and promotes mastery while encouraging students to ask big questions and make meaningful connections with the world outside the classroom.

Our other offerings in art, drama and robotics foster the creativity and design thinking essential for today’s leaders. Our students also apply their learning beyond the classroom in natural landscapes, professional workplaces, school competitions and exchanges around the world to gain real-life experience.

Students who are deeply engaged in their learning achieve the greatest academic success, and our girls are curious, interested and motivated to accomplish all that is possible. With our advanced academic program and our understanding of how girls learn, Trafalgar students are able to reach high. Their Canadian Achievement Test (CAT) scores show them to be years ahead of national standards.

Our graduates continue to excel after they are accepted into their first-choice university. Trafalgar alumnae can be found all over the world, working in film studios, financial institutions, research labs, emergency rooms, art galleries, international aid centres…. If you can imagine it, our grads are doing it. And they return to the Castle to share their experiences and offer advice to the next generation.


What is a top predictor of student success? A community of adults who care. A trusting and supportive learning relationship between a girl and her teachers
provides the inspiration she needs to reach the next level, and then the next.

In addition, our Advisor program ensures that every student receives mentoring in academics, personal wellness and social-emotional matters. Bottom line: every girl has someone close by looking out for her. That strong personal connection is not icing on a cake – it’s the solemn promise that a great school makes to all its students.

Tim Southwell

Vice-Principal, Academics

At Trafalgar since: 1989

Credentials: B. Mus., B.Ed., (Queen’s University) & M.D.E. (Athabasca University), OCT

Hometown: Tyrone, Ontario

Who or what inspired you to become a teacher?

Many factors directed me toward teaching as time progressed; however, two English teachers from Grades 7 and 9 were especially instrumental in my development by taking an interest in who I was beyond just the homework. Both would bring inspiring artifacts and articles related to our latest topic into the classroom, and they would remember how we felt about them for long afterward in discussions. They were meticulous and required the best we could do, regardless of the many levels encountered in class. It was through them that I experienced educators who could influence and help a young mind on many levels. They encouraged broadening our interests, and they reached out to each child in the classroom as a unique person. I may not have decided upon teaching by Grade 9, but I knew I wanted a career where I could work more interactively with the people involved, just as those teachers had demonstrated.


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