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Lower School

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Grades 4 – 8

We believe that students learn best in a warm and supportive environment where laughter and friendship live alongside exciting curriculum and excellence in teaching. Our approach to teaching and learning understands the vast and often untapped potential within each learner, and our Lower School team works collaboratively and effectively to help each girl strive to reach her personal best.

Across the Lower School, our small class size, combined with enrichment and strong learning supports ensure that each student is encouraged to reach her full potential. Caring home form teachers, subject tutorials, peer tutoring and after-school study support combine to create a nurturing school community.

Our curriculum and our approach to teaching and learning address the needs of girls at each stage of development. We believe in laying a firm foundation of knowledge and skills, and work to ensure each student consolidates her understanding and grows in her thinking as she moves through each grade.

Learning how to learn is an essential part of developing the mindset necessary for success in and out of the classroom. We help each girl understand herself as a learner, and encourage the development of her self-awareness, self-regulation and growth mindset.

Lower School Subjects

  • Computer Coding
  • French
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Language Arts
  • Mindfulness
  • Music
  • Robotics
  • Singapore Math
  • Social Science
  • Visual Arts

Grade 4 to 6

In Grade 4 through 6, we place a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge and skills. Experienced and caring teachers work together to ensure that each girl masters the fundamentals. Curriculum is rich and designed to challenge students at varying levels. Support and enrichment go hand in hand as students learn to collaborate, build lasting friendships and make exciting discoveries about the world around them. Everyday our youngest learners engage in meaningful and authentic activities that fill our classrooms and halls with curiosity, excitement and joy.

Grade 7 to 8

In Grade 7 and 8, knowledge and skills are consolidated while support and guidance increase to help learners navigate the challenging middle years. A continued emphasis on organization, time management and study skills helps prepare learners for the eventual demands of Upper School.

Hands-on and real-world challenges deepen critical thinking, problem solving and application skills, while nurturing a joy of discovery.

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