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Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Singapore Math

With just 700 square km and 5,000,000 people, Singapore consistently tops tables in mathematics results, notably TIMSS, (Trends in Mathematics and Science Study) where in Grades 4 and 8, Singapore has always ranked first in world-wide testing.

The Singapore Math program slows down the learning process and more thoroughly grounds students in the fundamentals of mathematics in order to better prepare them for higher learning.

Singapore Math is taught in the Lower School, and we continually assess the results and success of the curriculum.  Our ongoing assessment demonstrates that our students gain better skills and a deeper understanding of mathematics when they enter Upper School.


singapore math



Singapore Science

The Singapore Science program is designed to help students acquire a strong foundation in scientific knowledge by using real-life contexts.  The program encourages curiosity and a deeper understanding of big ideas in science.

Hands-on learning in our dedicated Lower School Science Lab further supports deeper learning and student engagement. Linking concepts to day-to-day life helps students make important connections and strengthens critical thinking. Students are also challenged to consider the ethical implications of advances in science and technology in the 21st century.

singapore science

Source Acknowledgement: Boston University

Computer Coding

Learning to code is an important 21st century skill.

Hands-on and engaging instruction teaches Lower School students how simple computers work. Through the language of coding, students are challenged to deepen their computational thinking, creative problem solving, and fluid reasoning through fun activities.


Robotics thrives at the Castle!

Students in Grades 5 through 8 discover the excitement of innovation through FIRST Lego League.  They learn to design, build and program a robot, and then put their robot to the test on a tabletop playing field.

Teamwork, problem solving, and friendly competition are the hallmarks of this exciting program.

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