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May 02, 2024

Alumnae Spotlight: Maria Fernanda Azcárraga

Melissa Nowakowski

“Trafalgar Castle School gave me the Confidence to Pursue my Dreams.”


As a boarding student from Mexico, Maria Fernanda Azcárraga attended Trafalgar Castle School for Grade 11 in 2001-2002 and immediately felt welcomed and safe in her new surroundings. “The friends I made at Trafalgar have become life-long family to me,” said alumna Maria Fernanda Azcárraga. “After 20 years, we still keep in touch and get together every December during Las Posadas for a mandatory reunion in Mexico to reminisce about our time at the Castle and sing Trafalgar’s anthem.”

Trafalgar taught Maria how to be independent, but more importantly, how to believe in herself and gave her the confidence to try new things. “After spending a year at Trafalgar, I was a young, strong, and independent woman who wanted to travel and learn,” added Maria. I studied in Montreal, Italy, Germany, and Portugal, learning the languages and cultures.”

Maria is now an independent travel agent who lives and works in Mexico City. She also owns her own business teaching Spanish and English language classes. “Languages and tourism are my life,” said Maria, who graduated from Mexico Tampico University with a Foreign Languages and Tourism Degree. I speak six languages—French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, and English—and worked in my dream job as a Translator on cruise ships and in hotels before starting my family and opening my own business.”

One of Maria’s favourite memories of School is when her parents left after dropping her off at the Castle. “I was sad and felt alone, but I was also surrounded by 15 other Mexican students who welcomed me—they became my extended family, my sisters for life,” said Maria.

When it comes to advice for current students, Maria said, “I am sure my fellow Trafalgar alumnae would agree that the best piece of advice for students is to keep trying new things and learning. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams. Be yourself – be confident!”

In her spare time, Maria enjoys travelling for pleasure, reading, and watching movies in different languages. “Trafalgar opened the door to so many possibilities for me,” she added.



Maria has many great memories of her time at Trafalgar – from participating in sports to living in boarding and developing a close-knit group of friends.

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