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September 08, 2023

Alumnae Spotlight: Megan MacKay

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Trafalgar Alumnae receives Rising 25 Award
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Class of 2015 alumna and Head Prefect, Megan MacKay is the Director of Partnership Development at Oak View Group Canada (OVG), a sports and entertainment agency that specializes in venue development, third party partnerships sales and brand consulting in Canada. Megan has been part of the foundational team to launch OVG Canada in Toronto since 2022. Prior to joining Oak View Group, Megan worked at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) building partnerships for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors.

In her role, Megan is passionate about building integrated marketing partnerships that reach dedicated sports fans, while ensuring brand partners are happy. “It’s a unique industry to work in,” said Megan. “It’s the last frontier in positive collective experiences where you are marketing to fans at their point of passion. My goal is to have happy brand partners, while creating a rewarding live experience for the fans.

Megan credits Trafalgar Castle School for setting her up for success. “My experience at Trafalgar and exposure to so many different extra-curriculars built my confidence and set me up for leadership positions at an early age,” noted Megan. “I never thought I would have a career in sales, but truth be told, I sold my first sponsorship when I was part of Trafalgar’s Robotics teams – so the ability to build social capital and life-long friendships has given me the edge now in my career.”

That confidence continued when Megan attended Western University’s Ivey Business School. She jumped at the opportunity to share her voice, ideas and take on leadership roles without hesitation. It was during her time at Western, when she co-founded RollUP Solutions – a company that strives to remove social and physical limitations by collecting gently used mobility devices in the community and refurbishes the equipment thanks to their partners at Goodwill. Once refurbished the mobility devices are sold back to the community at a 90% discount or donated to a community that needs one.

Megan has since sold her stake in RollUP Solutions, but her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence continues. In 2023, Megan received the Rising 25 Award from Front Office Sports. This competitive and prestigious award recognizes people aged 25 and under (at the time of application) for doing significant things in the sports and entertainment industry and their communities. Megan was the only Canadian to receive this honour and was nominated by her OVG Vice-President for her community impact, experience at MLSE and OVG Canada, and for her co-creation of RollUp.

When asked what advice she has for current Trafalgar students, Megan said, “Put yourself out there and try everything. You will gain a lot of experience, confidence, social capital and great stories. All of this will make you a more interesting candidate when you decide to apply for post-secondary leadership positions and future employment.”

Megan added, “As women, we are sometimes given narrow views of how our lives should look, but Trafalgar opens doors to so many opportunities and experiences. Use your time now to start building your real-world connections and networks that inspires you.”

Looking ahead, Megan wants to build long-term networks and relationships with her fellow Trafalgar sisters. “Trafalgar has given us a built-in support system and relationships with fellow women – let’s nurture this connection and engage throughout our lives and careers because the network that it can unlock is invaluable.”

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