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January 16, 2020

Annual Fund Impact: You Make a Difference

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Spotlight: Pickleball Equipment

If you think back to your time in school, it’s likely that phys-ed was either your favourite part of the day or your most dreaded class. Like anything, athletics can be so much fun for one student yet so intimidating for another.

When you think about the lasting impact and importance of physical literacy and learning the value of staying active throughout life, phys-ed should not be a subject that excludes or discourages.

Our Director of Athletics, Mrs. Zupancic knows this well and makes sure physical education feels inclusive and fun for everyone. This is exactly why she and her colleagues, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Marentette, requested pickleball equipment through the School’s Annual Fund Wish List.

And because of donor support we could say YES!

Never heard of pickleball? It’s kind of a cross between tennis and ping pong, is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and it’s a game that’s playable late into life.

“In health and physical education we teach sport through a ‘Teaching Games for Understanding’ method and it is truly best taught with non-conventional games to equal the playing field,” says Mrs Zupancic. “Pickleball is a new, fresh game that hardly any of our girls have played before so it’s been a unique and engaging game for them to learn together. You should have seen their faces when we opened up the nets and paddles recently! They were all so excited to get going,” she says.

This kind of equipment is hugely valuable because it’s so easy to set up: “The equipment takes very little time to set up so it works well for lead-up games across all sport units. Thank you so much Annual Fund! This equipment has been an amazing addition to our phys-ed program.”

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