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January 03, 2018

CIS Visual Arts Festival

Jessica Scheffee

Trafalgar will once again host the CIS Ontario Visual Arts Festival Thursday, January 18.  This is the second year that Trafalgar faculty will be host to the festival.  Open to visual arts students in Grades 9-12, this year’s theme will be Gender: Defined & Redefined.
The festival will see eight artists facilitate various workshops including, but not limited to, digital photography, studio lighting, portraits and personal journey drawing.  Trafalgar is pleased to welcome back artists Joey Manay, Rebecca Wood and Jay Dart; we will also welcome new artists Chrissie Wytoski, Kirsten McGoey, Cristal Earle, Anna Kreider and Garrett Metcalfe.
For more information please visit the student-designed website by Grade 12 Trafalgar student Jessica W. here.

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