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leanne and hugo For a start, there is no other all-girls day and boarding school like us in Canada. We have been at the forefront of girls’ education for almost 150 years. At just over 230 students from Grade 4 to Grade 12, we are small by design. That means every girl is recognized and honoured for the individual she is. We believe the best entry point to a large and complex world is a warm and personal learning environment with ample opportunities for personal discovery and growth.

You want your child to be known and cared for while they pursues their dream to design a zero-emission engine, work in international medicine, write young adult fiction, or whatever other aspiration they holds in their heart. And because they are an individual with unique talents and passions, you know they will flourish within a small, welcoming community that offers an exceptional education and provides for their personal growth.

Sometimes we say, “there’s no such thing as a Trafalgar student,” because so many different students of diverse backgrounds and interests thrive here. But we also know exactly what a Trafalgar student is: engaged in their learning, interested in their world and making a difference in their community. Not all students arrive that way, but our responsive educational environment ensures that they will feel known by their teachers, supported by their classmates and energized with a sense of belonging. Most of all, students will discover the power of their own voice here.

Trafalgar Castle offers an all-girls education that unites tradition with innovation. We care deeply about how students learn and offer the experiences they need to build critical thinking, creativity, confidence and leadership. Today’s young adults are entering a fast-changing world that demands much of them. The Trafalgar experience prepares them to live with purpose and lead with conviction wherever their future takes them.

Our graduates are ready for the world. They leave the Castle with the confidence and vision they need to live lives of consequence and courage. And they join a network of talented and generous alumnae around the world who embrace them warmly and guide them wisely.

Each year, 100% of our students are accepted to their preferred post-secondary destinations. They excel in highly competitive programs and succeed in their chosen fields after graduation. No matter where their university journey takes them, they carry the Trafalgar difference in their hearts.

Please come for a visit. We would love to meet your daughter.

Dr. Leanne Foster, Head of School


When the top math student, the lead in the school play and the captain of the robotics team are all girls, you know that every Trafalgar student is surrounded by inspiring role models. Like anyone else, girls will shape themselves in response to the prevailing cultural standard. At Trafalgar, the standard is to lead the way and embrace non-traditional pursuits. Our grads are more likely to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) than girls in co-ed schools.

But while we’re all-girls, we’re also incredibly diverse. Day students mix with Canadian and international boarders. Girls of different cultures, nations and traditions work and play together. Learning about other perspectives is both natural and highly instructive. We believe that diversity drives creativity and innovation, and our community is genuinely inclusive and transnational.

As an all-girls day & boarding school founded in 1874 and still a leader in education today, our success is driven by a tradition of innovation. The world has changed but our place at the forefront of girls’ education has not. We never stop learning about girls or innovating in our programs. As a result, for over 140 years, Trafalgar Castle girls have become women of impact.


Do you ever feel lost in a crowd? Trafalgar students don’t. That’s because we’re small by design. With just over 230 students from Grade 4 to Grade 12, each student is known and supported. Our small school advantage is that we’re agile enough to provide the most up-to-date learning environment and close-knit enough to cultivate a strong sense of belonging.

Within this warm and welcoming community, our students achieve well beyond Ontario or national academic standards. They join clubs, teams and ensembles. They raise funds and awareness. They volunteer locally and around the world. They are accepted to the university of their choice and join a global alumnae network of remarkable people.

1:5 Teacher to
Student Ratio
240 Students
Grades 4-12
100% Post-secondary

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