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All-Girls’ Advantage

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When girls learn together, the benefits are real, measurable and supported by research.

The Research is Clear

In an all-girls’ school, each girl can relax and be herself without wondering what a boy might be thinking. She can feel free to tackle challenges, to take chances and to try out new roles. She can speak up in class, try out for the school play, or don a silly hat on House Day – all without the social pressures that often arise in a co-ed setting.

By removing boys from the equation, an all-girls' education enhances the quality of learning and leadership for students, both inside the classroom and beyond. Simply put, an all-girls’ environment prepares girls academically, emotionally and socially for a future of endless possibilities.

  • When rating their computer skills, 36% of graduates of independent girls' schools consider themselves strong students, compared to 26% of their co-ed peers.
  • 48% of girls' school alumnae rate themselves great at math versus 37% for girls in co-ed schools.
  • Three times as many alumnae of single-sex schools plan to become engineers.

(Research provided by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools)

“As Head of Trafalgar Castle School, I not only believe in the power of an all-girls' education but I know the advantages it provides each and every student. Our programs are designed to provide countless opportunities for girls to lead and excel.

In the supportive and empowering environment of an all-girls' setting, each student is encouraged to find her unique voice, explore new roles and fearlessly share her dreams for the future.”

Ms. Knight-Johnson, Head of School

The Power of All-Girls’ Schools

At Trafalgar Castle, our teachers understand how girls learn best. They know how to bring out the potential in each learner. The excitement, the energy, the joy of discovery in our classrooms is a testament to the strength of girls learning alongside girls.

“I sometimes get asked how we’ll ever deal with boys at university if we graduate from a school with only girls. I remind people that we don’t live in a bubble. The confidence we gain at Trafalgar, along with the conferences, debates and competitions we attend with boys makes us more than prepared to succeed in any environment.”

Keady Morgan
Head Girl, Class of 2017

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