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Board of Directors

The Trafalgar Castle School Board of Directors is responsible for the school’s overall stewardship and governance, which includes overseeing the school’s financial affairs, policies and strategic direction, and appointment of the Head of School. A committed group of volunteers, board members are drawn from current and past parents, alumnae and external friends of the school. Board members also include the President of the Parents’ Guild.

Members are recruited for their specific skills and/or expertise, their alignment of values with the school, and a commitment to ensuring the school achieves its mission and vision.

The Board of Directors meets as a full Board at regularly scheduled meetings throughout the school year, and also conducts its business through the following committees that bring recommendations to the entire Board:

Finance and Property Committee

The Finance and Property Committee reviews the monthly financial results; annual budget; management processes and internal controls over financial reporting, compliance and operations; and meets with the external auditors to recommend approval of the audited annual financial statements. The Committee also recommends the appointment of the external auditors to the Board. It advises on financial strategies and reviews the school’s investments in compliance with the school’s investment policy. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board on matters dealing with the improvement, maintenance, and use of the property of the School.

Governance Committee

Advising on matters relating to the Board’s governance, structure, policies and processes, the Governance Committee also identifies, assesses and recommends qualified individuals as nominees for appointment as directors. It develops recommendations regarding the experience, competencies, skills and personal qualities for potential directors, taking into account the Board’s short-term needs and long-term succession plans.

Board of Directors

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