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May 03, 2021

Grade 12 Girls Learn In-Person and Virtual Business Etiquette

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Last week,, our Grade 12 students participated in a Business Etiquette Dinner hosted by Leanne Pepper from the University of Toronto Faculty Club. Leanne shares proper etiquette for professional dinners and social engagements through table manners and preparation.

This year’s business etiquette session also included video call etiquette tips! Always turn on your camera in business settings, dress for success and research beforehand are just a few of the valuable tips Leanne shared.

These annual sessions are just one of the ways Trafalgar helps to prepare our students for life beyond the Castle walls. While we offer students the highest education, we also ensure they will have the tools for success in social and professional settings as well.

“Etiquette is not just about the dining room table. It is not just about table manners,” says Leanne. “Etiquette is about being aware of your surroundings and putting people at ease. It’s about being kind to one another, respecting one another and helping one another.”

While it can be tempting to stay in our comfortable clothes when taking meetings virtually at home, it is important to still dress for success.

“Prepare to wear something that is professional,” says Leanne. Not just for how it makes you appear, but how it makes you feel. “It’s kind of nice to get dressed up, it’s a good feeling, it lifts one’s spirits.”

Among other tips, Leanne also encourages arriving early, leading with confidence and turning off your cellphone. 

Above all else, she recommends focusing on the moment and being kind and welcoming to all guests. Thank you Leanne Pepper for joining us again in leading this important initiative!

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