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April 06, 2018

How to Survive a Hurricane

Fostering Community

Hurricane Haddie has arrived at the Castle.  She’s 15 lbs. of fluff, able to produce 7,400 newton metres of torque – the same as a Tesla Roadster.  My March Break was spent house training, leash training, and puppy wrangling.  It also involved coaxing “big brother” Hugo out of the corner of the living room after two days spent sulking.  (I believe his snout was out of joint.) “Elder sister” Coco sleeps so much these days that she barely noticed Haddie’s arrival.

Haddie met a lot of people in her first two weeks at the Castle.  Even though it was March Break, the school was a busy place with staff, visitors, workmen, and prospective families ambling through the halls.  And Haddie greeted them all, with wagging tail and curious eyes.

In Chapel this week, the girls met Haddie who thankfully was on her best behavior.  Haddie shared her “Top Ten List” of important things to know, and we all agreed that her puppy insights were valuable for people, too.

Here are Haddie’s Top Ten:

  1. Sleep is important.
  2. We all need a good friend.
  3. Play nice…
  4. Because even the most patient friend has a limit.
  5. Only one of these things is meant to be chewed: a) Dan’s slippers b) Your dog bone c) An iPad charger d) Leanne’s purse
  6. When you’ve chewed the wrong one, looking cute doesn’t help.
  7. And if you chew your big sister Coco, really bad things happen!
  8. Sometimes a time out is a good thing.
  9. So try your best to be mindful.
  10. Always pick a puppy to match your jacket.

In celebration of Haddie’s arrival, a friend sent me the article Why the Best Leaders Act Like Playful Puppies.  It’s a fun read.  Enjoy!

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