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October 01, 2018

Inspiring address at Honour Society Dinner

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At Honour Society Dinner on September 27 the School recognized Trafalgar students in grade 10 to 12 who achieved an 85% average during the 2017-2018 academic year.  During the event, we were also excited to welcome back alumna Jaclyn Bryant, Class of ’98 as our guest speaker.

Jaclyn is a graduate of the University of Toronto, an Educational Consultant and the founder and Director of International Student Guardianship Canada Inc. (ISGC).  Though currently established in her career, Jaclyn shares the path wasn’t always laid out clearly. “The truth is I didn’t want to go to a girl’s school. I didn’t like change.  I was nervous…And here’s what my father said to me: ‘Why are you nervous? You can do anything. Girls can do everything.’”

After seven years at Trafalgar she came to learn that what her father said was true. She engaged in various teams, clubs and sports at the School surrounded by students from around the world. She was taught to embrace her insecurities, get involved and speak up. “Trafalgar Castle School gave me the opportunity to find out more about who I was, who I wanted to be and who I wanted to become in the future,” she shares. “Trafalgar taught me to think for myself, get involved, stand up for what was right and learn about the people around me.”

Following graduation from Trafalgar she did what was “safe” (despite dreams of attending the University of Hawaii) and majored in English and History with a minor in Theatre at the University of Toronto.  During this time she continued to develop an appreciation for education and thought she would try her hand as a teaching assistant.  Jaclyn laughs as she remembers that one day stop on her journey before heading back to the registrar’s office and enrolling in additional business courses.

While working various jobs after graduation, Jaclyn learned that travel, working with people and education were at the top of her list of things she wanted to do, so she began researching how to start her own business. “That search put me on the path to what has become my life’s work. In 2006 ISGC was born.  ISGC recruits international students to Canada who are eager to learn and experience a new language, culture and school. My team and I provide care and support to students while they are studying abroad.” It is Jaclyn’s passion to welcome students from around the world to Canada, and her company currently supports students from over 50 countries.

Throughout her journey, there were people who told Jaclyn it was too risky, it would never work and that women couldn’t run businesses, but she knew better.  “As I look back at my path, I find it so interesting how it all came together.  And it’s even more amazing to realize what an important role my time at Trafalgar Castle played in getting me here.”

Thank you Jaclyn for your inspiring address and, to our honour roll recipients, congratulations on this achievement!

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