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Fees & Financial Services

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At Trafalgar Castle School, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer competitive fees, which include a wide range of items and services. Annual fees depend on the student’s grade and whether they will be a boarding or day student. One-time fees for new students include an Application Fee and an Acceptance Fee. Opportunities for bursaries and financial aid to help support the cost of a Trafalgar education are also available.

About Our Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for all students include:

  • Our robust academic program;
  • Room and board for all boarding students;
  • Daily hot lunches for all students, including deli and salad bar options with soup choices and dessert;
  • All compulsory travel and compulsory activities;
  • Select entertainment, educational, sports and cultural activities;
  • ID cards;
  • Annual yearbook;
  • Parents’ Guild Annual Membership Fee;
  • Access to Fitness Centre; and
  • Use of the school Health Centre, which is staffed with a Registered Nurse and school Doctor.

There is no additional fee for the majority of our co-curricular activities and athletic teams. Some programs, such as music, rowing and robotics, may be subject to a nominal fee as a result of specialized coaching and equipment beyond the scope of our regular program.

Additional fees include uniforms, textbooks and laptops. Private piano and voice lessons are also available upon request and payable directly to the service provider by families.

Methods Of Payment

Payment methods include:

  • Post-dated cheques;
  • Online banking, interact e-transfers and wire transfers; and
  • Visa, MasterCard or American Express via Plastiq subject to third-party processor fee.


Boarding Fees

  • International Boarding Students – $67,585

Additional Fees

  • New Student Acceptance Fee – $2,500

New Student Enrolment Fees

Application Fee: All new applicants will be charged a non-refundable application fee at the time of submission.

This fee is $200 for boarding students and $75 for day students. Applications to Trafalgar Castle School should be completed online by clicking here.

Boarding Student Enrolment Fees

Upon acceptance of the student’s application, Trafalgar Castle School shall issue a Letter of Offer to the student. The student shall return the Letter of Offer to Trafalgar Castle School signed, together with a one-time acceptance fee of $2,500 and a $10,000 deposit as a pre-payment towards the student’s tuition fee. Such acceptance fee and deposit are non-refundable and shall be forfeited should the student fail to attend Trafalgar Castle School. In making the application, the student agrees to follow the rules and regulations of Trafalgar Castle School.

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Trafalgar Castle School is pleased to offer financial assistance to support families who may require assistance to meet the financial commitment of a Trafalgar education. There is a fixed amount of financial aid available each year, and assistance is awarded based on financial need up to a maximum of 40% of the tuition.

Applications for financial assistance should be made at the same time as an application to Trafalgar Castle School. To demonstrate financial need, parents must file an online Financial Aid for Canadian Students (FACS) application through Apple Financial Services. This is a confidential process. The FACS process identifies a family’s ability to support educational expenses.

A recommendation for assistance is made by Apple Financial and reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee. Please go to to complete the application. Each year, families are asked to reapply for financial assistance as their circumstances may change. Unfortunately, not all deserving candidates’ requests can be accommodated.

Awards are made between January 1 and March 1 annually. Applications are considered after this date, if funds remain available. We strongly recommend you complete your application as early as possible. For more information contact

Tax Receipts

Tax Credit

Under current Canadian legislation, students under 16 years of age are eligible for childcare expense fee receipts, depending upon residential status. Trafalgar Castle School provides a childcare expense receipt for a portion of fees paid. Receipts are mailed annually from the Business Office.

Trafalgar recommends that you review your own circumstances with advice from a professional financial adviser before making a claim.

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