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January 27, 2022

Phil Stamper: Fixing the world one novel at a time

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“Headphones on, I fix myself, so I can go back to fixing the world.” A sentiment echoed by the best-selling author Phil Stamper. Mainstream literature is catered mainly for cis-gendered and straight audiences, but Stamper is “fixing the world” of publication. He is accomplishing this by creating inclusive Young Adult novels, bridging the gap of the underrepresented LGBTQ+ community in literature by showcasing a diverse variety in his writing. 

Trafalgar Castle recently welcomed Phil Stamper to speak about his challenges and triumphs being a queer author. Stamper engaged students and faculty alike sharing about the abstract nature of the creative process and the importance of following your unique passions. Literature has not catered to the LGBTQ+ community, which prompted Stamper to collaborate with other modern authors to create inclusive young adult books. 

Stamper began working in public relations to stay connected to his true passion: writing. Even if he was writing something as mundane as press releases or emails, he was happiest when writing. Stamper decided to transform his career to a more creative direction and write a novel. His debut novel, “The Gravity of Us,” is the story of Cal, a popular 17-year-old social media journalist with an astronaut for a father. During a highly publicized space mission, Cal meets his dad’s coworker’s son, whom he starts to love, but begins discovering secrets about the space mission. This is a story of suspense and romance. His second novel, “As Far As You’ll Take Me,” is about a young adult breaking away from his adolescent life and overcoming challenges in a new country where he is free to be himself. He is also set to release a book in 2022 called “Golden Boys.” 

You can keep up to date with Stamper by following him on social media. Thank you for joining us to share your story! 

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