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Why venture beyond the classroom?

Why venture beyond the classroom? Because learning possibilities are as vast as the human imagination. At Trafalgar Castle School, we are proud of the work our girls do in their classes, labs and study spaces. But we also know that a truly engaging and relevant education is one that offers choice, nurtures creativity, expands personal limits and develops interest in the wider world.

We want our students to be inspired to learn and grow wherever their interests take them – and sometimes that means leaving the classroom behind. As they pursue opportunities in the arts and athletics, in clubs and excursions, Trafalgar students develop the confidence and resilience needed to navigate all stages of life. They also acquire leadership experience, teamwork skills and grit – persistence in the face of obstacles.

Academic Benefits

Co-curricular participation is also linked to academic success. For one, students involved in these activities are more engaged with and attached to their overall school experience. In addition, many academic skills learned in the classroom have the opportunity to be applied and tested in the real world. It’s no surprise, then, that research reveals that secondary students involved in co-curriculars achieve more success in their own schools and also at university.

Passion and Recognition

Though crossover success between activities and academics is a wonderful benefit, there is also much to be said for the pure pleasure of a well-spiked ball or inventive brush-stroke. That’s why some of our students pursue their passions in depth and even earn activity pins that acknowledge their co-curricular commitment. These special awards recognize dedication and encourage excellence in every endeavour. Though our students often tell us, “I was just having fun!”

Real-World Learning

There’s no doubt that problem-solving skills, cooperation and interpersonal communication – essential abilities in today’s world – can be learned beyond the classroom. Trafalgar students enjoy some of the most meaningful hands-on learning in their clubs and teams and on their excursions. These are sometimes their most independent and self-directed school activities. Experience may be the greatest teacher – which makes our students scholars on the field, the stage and the global platform!

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