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Guiding & Inspiring Others

What does it take to be a leader? Every Trafalgar girl explores that question and finds her own answers within her academic studies, co-curricular choices and commitment to community beyond the Castle walls.

Life at Trafalgar Castle School is intentionally designed to expose girls to leadership opportunities and teach the skills needed to guide and inspire others. Great leaders are not the result of chance: they have role models, occasions to engage with authentic challenges, and a support network for feedback and development. It is our responsibility to provide an environment rich with choice and opportunity so each girl can reach her full potential.

Student Leaders

Not every girl is the same kind of leader. Some have the most to offer one-on-one with other students; others thrive in a full-school setting, leading House activities or theme days. Each Trafalgar girl can find and test her own voice within a school culture that encourages personal responsibility, risk-taking and individual growth.

Here are just some of the ways our girls lead:

  • Captain of a sports team;
  • Lead, assistant director or technical head of a school play;
  • Peer tutor to a younger girl;
  • Leadership Council;
  • Prefects;
  • Head Prefect;
  • School Ambassador; and/or
  • Trafalgar Activities and Spirit Council for Upper and Lower School.

In addition, Trafalgar encourages girls to start a new club, design a unique activity or propose an initiative that matches her passion. Whatever her interests and personality, she will develop confidence and real-life skills while empowering other students to be their best.

Leadership Profile

Student leaders are role models and mentors whose values, ideas, words and actions manifest in all aspects of their life. As well as being open-minded, courageous and empathetic, they demonstrate effective influence across the school community through measurable action.

Trafalgar Castle has designed a unique leadership profile to help each girl understand and embody what it means to be a leader:

  • Model – inspire others through a positive attitude, taking pride in setting an example and living the core values of Trafalgar.
  • Act – demonstrate active citizenship by taking authentic action on her learning with the intrinsic desire to inform, motivate, advocate and affect positive change on a personal, local and global scale.
  • Communicate –  actively listen, think critically, reflect thoughtfully and share respectfully her own learning, ideas, opinions and beliefs with others.
  • Challenge – question norms and information in an effort to reach goals that balance tradition with innovation and to motivate others to strive for their own excellence.
  • Engage – be inclusive by understanding others’ needs, sharing responsibility, developing a culture of collaboration and empowering others by building individual capacity.

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