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Our Boarding Life Team

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“The happiness of every boarder is our top priority.  Our small-school setting ensures that we truly get to know each and every girl and her family.  It’s part of what makes our community so welcoming.” Ms. Holland, Director of Boarding Life

Director of Boarding Life

Ms. Carmen Holland has been caring for Trafalgar girls for more than 15 years.  Originally from Mexico, Ms. Holland understands what it’s like to be far from home.  Her kindness and care make boarding at Trafalgar Castle School so very special.

Boarding Dons & Families

Each boarder is part of a smaller Boarding Family, headed by one of our Boarding Dons.  Boarding Families add an extra level of support and close friendship.

Each Boarding Don lives on site and is very involved in the girls’ daily lives.  They stay in contact with parents and guardians as part of our network of care.

Health & Wellness Team

Our Health & Wellness team provides resources, strategies and seminars for boarders, covering such topics as, “How to Help Homesickness” and “Living with a Roommate”.   Our school nurse and guidance counsellor keep a close eye on our boarders, and our school doctor holds clinic hours every other week.  We have ready-access to excellent community resources and world-class healthcare facilities to ensure the well being of all boarding students.

Parents & Guardians as Partners

When students join us in boarding, it is often their first time away from home for an extended period of time.  We understand the importance of ongoing communication between home and school, and require parents or guardians to play an active role.  We keep parents informed about their daughter’s progress, and share the fun and excitement she experiences living with friends from around the world.

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