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The 5 A’s Of Boarding

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A Great Boarding Program

It’s always straight A’s when you board at Trafalgar Castle School


Here’s what we believe makes for a great boarding program:

  1. Academics

    We believe a rigorous academic program that provides enrichment alongside effective support is a winning combination.   At Trafalgar Castle School, teachers communicate regularly with Boarding Dons to update them on the each student’s academic progress, ensuring that no girl falls through the cracks.Good grades require hard work.  Study Hall for Grades 10 to 12 takes place every Monday through Thursday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m..We know younger boarders need a bit more support.  In Grade 7-9, we combine supervised Study Hall with a compulsory “Learning to Learn” session held from 6:30 to 7:00 p.m. every Monday through Thursday.  In these workshops, students learn how to prepare for exams, make sure their notes are in order, practice time-management strategies and other skills essential for success.  After a quick snack, it’s off to Study Hall until 8:30 where students complete homework and assignments with teacher support.  Grade 7-9 boarders also have supervised study time on Sunday evenings.

  2. Authentic Leadership

    We believe every girl can learn to lead!  In boarding, many informal and formal leadership opportunities exist to help students grow the skills necessary for success at university and beyond.   Whether it is planning an activity or outing, participating in a talent show, leading Boarding Family meetings or more formally, becoming a member of Boarding Life Council, each girl finds opportunities to grow in confidence and ability.

  3. Activities & Excursions

    We believe in having fun!  Regular activities are planned both on and off campus.  Every weekend, supervised excursions to places such as the Ripley Aquarium, Toronto Zoo, apple picking, bowling, a baseball game or visit to the Eaton Centre.  Daily on-campus activities such as cycling, swimming, crafts, yoga and movie nights provide lots of opportunity for boarders to remain healthy and active.During the winter months, students can experience a true Canadian winter by joining the Snowhawks downhill ski program.  The program runs every Saturday for seven weeks and takes place in Collingwood at Blue Mountain, southern Ontario’s biggest and best snow hill. Weekend activities and excursions are mandatory for boarders in Grade 7-9, with the exception of Snowhawks.  Additional costs may apply for some activities.

  4. Active Citizenship

    We believe in helping others!  We organize different activities and opportunities both on campus and off for students to volunteer and experience what it means to help others.  Volunteering also allows our students to meet the Ontario Ministry of Education requirements for graduation of a minimum 40 hours of community service.

  5. #Awesome!

    We believe boarding life helps each girl find her own awesome!  She learns to take calculated risks, make new friends, try new foods, study for the big test, play in the snow or audition for the school play – it’s all part of living and learning at Trafalgar Castle School!

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