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Health and Wellness – Healthy Students


Supporting Health & Wellness
In All Areas Of Life

As experts in girls and girls’ education, we guide our students toward high achievement within a balanced and caring environment. That means supporting health and wellness in all areas of life: social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical.  Our goal is to help each Trafalgar girl understand who she is, realize her potential, and build the character and resilience she will need to push through when life’s roadblocks get in the way.

A skilled and caring team alongside effective programs and a positive school culture build a community of care that embraces each girl.  We focus on the whole child, and ensure that each girl discovers her full potential.

Healthy Students

To help all our girls achieve wellness, we encourage them to seek balance in their lives: get the right amount of sleep, eat nutritious foods, move their bodies every day and take time to both connect with others and reflect. In our academic program, faculty advisors meet with the girls throughout the week, while our mindfulness curriculum equips them with the tools to build self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Our co-curricular program offers a wide array of arts, athletics, clubs and service activities to tap into every student’s passion and support her personal growth.  But above all, our school day is filled with joy – friendly faces in the halls, laughter over the lunch hour – simple but important moments that connect us as a community.

Health Centre

The Health Centre provides primary healthcare for all Trafalgar students, whether day girls or boarders. We offer immunization clinics, administer medication, teach about health and promote healthy activities. Our school nurse is available throughout the week, with no appointment necessary. Our school doctor is available every other week, and any other medical care needed outside the school is arranged by our Health Centre.

Parents tell us that they feel reassured by the presence of medical support on campus. Whether your child suddenly takes ill or needs help managing an ongoing condition, she can easily access our Health Centre and receive expert attention and care.

Counselling Centre

Sometimes students need a little extra support in their lives. Trafalgar has a certified counsellor available to help with the daily or occasional demands that arise for every girl. That neutral third party – one who is not a teacher, friend or family member – is sometimes just the person needed for confidential advice, feedback or solutions.

Some common areas of support include setting goals, managing stress, improving relationships, handling crises or coping with mental health difficulties. In addition, girls may want assistance with body image, self-esteem or media messaging. Whatever her concerns, a helping hand is always available.

Sometimes parents need help too! That’s why we offer a parent seminar series called iParent. Topics include effective communication, stress management, parent/adolescent relationships, teen mental health and changing families, among many others. A constructive partnership between home and school benefits all.

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