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We are dedicated to sustaining Trafalgar's vision for her

Since 1874, Trafalgar Castle has cultivated a culture where students are placed at the forefront of education and development. We believe in superior education for girls, guiding them to become empowered and to thrive in their future.

The Trafalgar Castle School Foundation was created as a pathway for individuals interested in supporting the betterment of education for girls. This growth can be accomplished by implementing the importance of education and community by introducing girls to an institution where they are being valued and heard.

The School's Board of Directors established the Trafalgar Castle School Foundation, an independent not-for-profit entity charged with the oversight and management of the School's $15.5 million endowment fund to support the School's strategic direction. The endowment is essentially a result of the recent sale of property owned by the School. It supports the strategic approaches to ensure the long-term sustainability of Trafalgar Castle School for generations to come.

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We envision a future where every girl can answer why with WHY NOT Trafalgar Castle's Vision

Foundation Board of Directors

Trafalgar Castle Foundation would not be possible without our Board of Directors. The Board for the Trafalgar Castle Foundation plays an integral role in steering the organization towards a secure future by embracing and administrating indispensable and favourable policies. The Trafalgar Castle Foundation Board Members are trustees to the organization's financial oversight and legal authority while ensuring the Foundation has sufficient resources to progress its mission and values. The new Foundation Board was formed in the Fall of 2021 with the election of directors that bring strong expertise and personal commitment. In addition, the chair of Trafalgar Castle School’s Board of Directors is an ex-officio member of the Foundation Board. The Directors for the Foundation Board include:

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