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December 18, 2020

The Shine Collective Collaboration

Castle News

Visual Arts Teacher Ms. Welbourn has worked hard on a partnership with the Shine Collective.  The partnership between the Shine Collective and Trafalgar arts students resulted in a collaborative design project.  Students in the upper school community and in the Visual Arts Classes were given 30 days from the design challenge introduction to the submission date to create their concept logos.

“It was a meaningful and valuable opportunity to put creative problem-solving skills to work,” Ms. Welbourn shares. “This real-world challenge was one that emphasized connection and engaged the girls in the global community, while also fostering a process of deep inquiry and lead them to a greater understanding and empathy for others.” 

There were many submissions from Trafalgar students. Marissa L., Arts Prefect, with help of Head Girl, Calia F. ran the contest in the School and in the Grade 11 and 12 Visual Arts Classes for 30 days.  Ms. Sheila Avari from the Shine Collective organization spoke to the girls about the significance of her non-profit and we were thrilled to be trusted with this real-world design challenge.“It gave students the strength and creative confidence to know that their work can make a difference and have a lasting impact. The girls were inspired to put their ideas into action and make a contribution to this incredible, The Shine Collective community,” Ms. Welbourn shares.

The Shine Collective organization narrowed the logo designs to 6 finalists and they will meet with the students in January to reveal the chosen design.  That student will then work with The Shine Collective to finalize a brand concept board that will be used by the organization moving forward. Ms. Welbourn shares, “It was wonderful to see the engagement and connection, the reflection on personal privilege, and the development of empathy as these students engaged in peer to peer support, recognizing that many are the same age as those who will be supported by the efforts of the Shine Collective.”


In addition on December 16, a handful of Trafalgar students participated in the Station Gallery Members Exhibition – Juried Art Show, “Dream Logic.” Trafalgar Grade 12 student Aarya won second place in the Youth Category!  We encourage you to check out her artwork entitled, For Your Eye’s Only, a mixed-media acrylic pouring and graphite drawing here. It is exciting to see our students continue to connect with the arts in the local community.  The School is grateful that faculty and community organizations are reinventing the ways we collaborate with art during the pandemic.

A special thank you to Ms. Welbourn for bringing these wonderful collaborative art opportunities to Trafalgar Castle students.

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