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June 05, 2020

Traf Talks: Nicole Cadwallader

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This series of feature stories highlights those in the Trafalgar community during this time of isolation. We discuss what they’re currently up to, what their isolation experience has been and how they’re getting through.

 In conversation with Nicole Cadwallader, Class of 2008

“Trafalgar is more than a specific, favourite memory. Trafalgar is a feeling of comfort, community and camaraderie,” says Nicole Cadwallader, Class of 2008.

Anyone who knows Trafalgar, knows what Nicole’s talking about. The school and its surrounding community has a magic about it that is hard to describe.

The feeling of support that Nicole got during her time at the Castle has served her well. Trafalgar students, as we all know, are busy multi-taskers and Nicole has kept that trait into her adult life. As a Project Control Officer at RBC, she analyzes and provides recommendations on diverse, ever-changing projects and accompanying financials. But her workday doesn’t stop at the bank. Nicole also created a brand and a business around financial literacy for children.

“Mr. Pigglesworth and the Wellwuzzies are wellness buddies who promote kindness and help youth develop mindful money habits and resilience skills to manage challenges along their mindful wellness journey,” says Nicole. She has written seven books (including Mr. Pigglesworth went to Market and Mr. Pigglesworth has a Business) and developed interactive worksheets and workshops for kids aged 3-12 to help inspire financial understanding and mindfulness.

While she’s always known this side pursuit on top of her full time job was a needed and important element for kids’ education, it’s a lot to take on! Nicole’s confidence in her work and her brand was boosted when she received one of her best all-time career compliments from businesswoman, Arlene Dickinson.

“She praised the Mr. Pigglesworth brand and how much it is needed,” says Nicole. “She complimented how well thought out the program is for learning financial literacy and mindful wellness.”

What incredible feedback to receive, and knowing how much time and effort it requires to build something like this on your own, it’s not only well-deserved praise but the kind that helps keep you motivated to continue on your path.

Nicole has worked hard in her post-Trafalgar education (she’s a two-time graduate with distinction) and professional life to achieve all that she has but she still sees so many important skills rooted in her time at the Castle.

“Being in a trusted environment where I was encouraged to speak up for myself, be curious and to take the initiative to explore are skills that I learned at Trafalgar and that have stayed with me today.”

About Nicole

Nicole lives in Toronto with her fiancé and during this pandemic she enjoys turning off her phone, connecting with nature and a good cup of tea whenever she can.



Favourite Teachers:

“There were so many Trafalgar teachers that were impactful to my educational pursuits. I really enjoyed what I learned from Mrs. Milne (AP English), Mr. Huxter (Project Management) and Mrs. Welbourn (Art) throughout my four years at Trafalgar Castle School. Their engaging teaching methods inspired my present career and creativity.”

Advice to grads:

“Not having this final precious year at Trafalgar can be extremely challenging on your spirits. My Mindful Wellness workshop may be able to help you manage challenges and develop mindful and resilience skills. It would also be helpful to keep in touch with your Grade 12 classmates now, and in the future, to help build your support system as you enter the next stage of your educational pursuits. Also, journaling and having a gratitude list helps you remember what you have instead of being sad of what is lost. My advice would be when you get to university try to really focus on the first year experiences and get involved in anything that interests you. This way, you will keep your mind, body and soul healthy while making new friends.”

For more on Mr. Pigglesworth:

Check out to purchase the most recent workbook, “Mr. Pigglesworth Presents Mindful Money Habits” on Amazon. You can also see more on Nicole’s financial literacy books and programs on social media:,,

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