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January 13, 2022

Trafalgar Girl Alice: The Renaissance Woman

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There is no shortage of talent when it comes to Trafalgar Castle School students! Whether in academics, arts or athletics, time and again, Trafalgar students have proven to be extraordinary in their pursuits. This is demonstrated by Grade 10 student Alice M. an exceptional student and acclaimed pianist and musician. Since the age of six, Alice has cultivated a love for the piano evident in her completion of the Associate Diploma (ARCT) at the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM).

“My parents put me into a lot of different things, but when it came to music, it was one of those things that stuck with me.” Alice says about her introduction to music, “Playing the piano resonated with me and I love to play; it’s my favourite thing to do.”

Music has played an integral role in Alice’s life. Beyond pursuing music at RCM competitively, music also serves as Alice’s therapeutic outlet. What Alice appreciates most about music is how it constantly progresses yet remains unpredictable and varied, such as tempo and differing dynamics.

“Music can serve so many different purposes and people; there are different genres for everyone. Classical music is important as it shows variation and there’s always different curves and passageways,” says Alice.

The Royal Conservatory of Music is a 130-year-old, world-renown musical institution educating musicians like David Foster and Sarah McLachlan. At the age of 12, Alice completed the highest level at RCM and obtained the Associate Diploma (ARCT). In 2018, she competed in the Ontario provincials placing in the top five.

Recently Alice travelled to California for a musical networking event arranged for ARCT graduates. The event allowed for other graduates and accredited musicians to mingle, empower and exchange industry knowledge with other musicians. Alice had the opportunity to attend and partake in many master classes —most notably, from 21C Music Festival performers.

Alice attributes much of her success to her parents, friends and teachers. Her parents have been a constant pillar of support, encouraging her to persist even when things got too complex.

While Alice’s journey at RCM as a piano player is fruitful, she continues her Grade 10 studies at Trafalgar and thinks of herself as a renaissance woman. Alice says, “My favourite subject in school is Math and I also love Biology. I love connecting the Sciences and Math and the Arts at once.”

Alice hopes to continue to pursue her passion in music while also pursuing math and science with hopes of a future in medicine. Trafalgar Castle School is exceptionally proud to have Alice as part of our community. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for her!

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