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Expanding Young Minds

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I-Think, from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, is a unique program focused on investigating integrative and critical thinking skills.

Every year, our students explore a variety of tools and strategies that are essential to the Integrative Thinking Methodology.  A core component of the program involves embracing the complexity of situations by generating and testing creative and innovative solutions.

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I3  Initiative

The I3 Initiative transforms the way Trafalgar students learn by creating a context for the application and exploration of knowledge in real-world settings.

Building on the rigour and diversity of the classroom curriculum, students are guided to ask complex questions and discover original and innovative solutions through experiences that take them beyond the Castle walls.

The I3 program helps every student make meaningful connections between her learning and the wider world, thereby increasing her confidence, resilience and ability to succeed in an ever-changing world.

I3 has three components:

Integrative Thinking

Students employ the Rotman School of Management’s I-Think process to apply conscious mental models to explore “wicked questions” and complex issues that arise through the interplay of their central questions and the off-site experiences.

Immersive Experiences

Students enter into real-world settings that are personally relevant so they can solidify their learning, build self-confidence and develop a broader perspective on the world.

Interconnected Learning

Students are challenged to see the patterns and meanings that emerge in their off-site activities so that they can make connections between their diverse courses, subjects and experiences.

“Integrative Thinking is the foundation of the Rotman School’s pedagogy. It is a discipline for defining and solving business problems through the use of explicit models. Rotman students learn how to build and use models to frame, structure, analyze and solve real-world business problems.”


At Trafalgar Castle School, our commitment to mindfulness is long standing.

We know that helping children develop self-awareness, strengthening their ability to be still and present in the moment, and teaching them to acknowledge and manage their thoughts and feelings benefits all areas learning and living.

Mindfulness is taught in the classroom and used throughout the day, allowing each girl to develop this powerful tool.  Our experience shows that practicing mindfulness helps students to improve their ability to focus on learning, to react less under stress, and to better manage the ups and downs daily life.

Mindfulness improves students’ mental and physical well-being, allowing for greater creativity, confidence, happiness and compassion.

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